Getting ready to take your MCAT?. I am a very experienced Tutor, having helped my students to successfully get a high Score in their mCAT and subsequently get into Medical School.

Organic Chemistry Tutoring…1 on 1 or online with very experienced Tutor…Joanne…will help you develop a solid UNDERSTANDING of Organic Chemistry, rather than memorization…And she will help you succeed.

Joannes’ mCAT Students do exceptionally well.

Joanne call 250-765-2838 or email 

… She will go through countless Exam paper questions with you…and also review your lecture notes, where needed…….with lots of review and reinforcement…to make sure you have really understood what you are being taught. Joanne will help you to Stay on top of your work as you move through to a successful mCat Exam

getting Students ready for their MCAT exam. She has developed a Successful Strategy for approaching the new revised 2015 MCAT…and her Students attained excellent Scores in their MCAT this year.

To book a session(s) contact Joanne…

I am available over the Summer, here online, to help MCAT Students get ready for their exam. I look forward to working with you, Joanne

Joanne call 250-765-2838 or email 

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