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Are you taking or retaking Organic Chemistry this Summer?

Didn’t get the Grade you needed?

Need to retake this Summer?

or are you worried that your workload in the Next Semester, in the Fall, will be a distraction, focusing you away from focusing  enough on your Organic Chemistry, in order to get the Grade you really need?

So, the reality NOW is that you are going to have to find an Effective way /strategy of reviewing, relearning and deepening in your understanding of the material contained in the Organic chemistry course you are retaking.

In your Summer course, you will be learning 1-2 Chapters each day, as opposed to 1-2 Chapters per week, which is what you would be doing in a regular Semester.

So, you don’t have much time to allow the concepts to sink in, Therefore, it is essential to have a Summer Strategy to help you NOT fall behind!!

The tendency may be to resort to memorization, which will likely lead to you struggling with applying these concepts on exam day.

During the short window of time you have to prepare for your Summer Organic Chemistry Retake, Joanne will help you to devise a strategy and stick to it!, staying motivated and covering the material AHEAD OF Class, so you won’t fall behind. Joanne constantly reinforces everything she is teaching you, to make sure you DO understand. She breaks it all down, to assist you to go beyond memorization, and into deepening in your understanding, so that you are well prepared to answer the exam questions on exam day. In this way, you will become very clear in knowing what is really needed for you to know and focus on, and grasp the concepts and then apply them, no matter what the question is. Joanne will go through all the reactions and mechanisms that you need to know.

Joanne helps you to move through each Chapter, and  helps you to ORGANIZE all the information you will need to know for your Midterm exam and Final exam. She then REINFORCES your understanding by going through many past exam questions with you, getting you well prepared.So, when it comes to test day, it will be like doing just another set of similar questions!

Joannes’ Approach has helped 1000’s of Students to excel in their Organic Chemistry, during a highly Intensive Study period!

All of Joanne’s Students do exceptionally well, going onto do their MCAT, DAT, Pharmacy, Dental Hygiene and so on.

Joanne will spend 6 months helping her Students prepare thoroughly for their MCAT exam.

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